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>Project BM! S.O.P. Shotaro Kaneda’s Bike FULL review

>Project BM! Soul of PopynicaShotaro Kaneda’s BikeFull to enlarge pics.(Large size) previous posts withothers pics & infoLINK1 LINK2 Annunci

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>FULL REVIEW: S.O.P. Shotaro Kaneda’s Bike

>Project BM! Soul of PopynicaShotaro Kaneda’s Bikeultimate to enlarge previous post withothers pics & info: HERE


>Project BM! Soul of Popynica Shotaro Kaneda’s Bike UPDATE

>Project BM! Soul of PopynicaShotaro Kaneda’s BikeScale: 1/6 scalelength: 500mm.Lighting effect with sound effect for the brakeand the accelerator.Can be connected to an externalspeaker for higher sound release: 20 Mar 2010price: 39,900 YenNOTES:Shotaro Kaneda is sold separately on Mar … Continua a leggere

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>PROJECT BM: 1/6 Kaneda Shotaro and his Bike. ULTIMATE REVIEW

>PBM! Soul of Popinika 1/6 Kaneda`s Bike (Completed) Manufacturer: BandaiScale: 1/6Material: Diecast,ABSSeries: Soul of PopynicaOriginal: AkiraRelease Date: Mar 2010Regular Price: 38,000 yen The masterpiece, [Kaneda’s Motorcycle] has been released as the ultimate Soul of Popinika. To produce the ULTIMATE [Kaneda’s … Continua a leggere

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>Hyper Hobby December : NEWS BANDAI PRODUCTS

>Hyper Hobby Magazine December : Various Bandai products. Tamashii Nations: WINGMAN manga realizationRobot SIDE MS and SIDE KMFNEO JUMBO MAZINGERNU GUNDAM ROFMANIAHALF AGE GIRLSROBOT SIDE VFS.H.Figuarts Kamen/Masked riderDRAGON BALL: New PICCOLO and SUPER SAYANCHOGOKIN: DROSSELL, DAITARN 3, SWORDFISH, GOLD MAZINGER … Continua a leggere

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>Ninja Team Gatchaman three fighter

> 我最喜歡 New God Phoenix . 三機中 , Gatcha Spartan 是最細的. Gatchaman I objtag=”http://“;if (DetectFlashVer(10,0,22) || (!DetectFlashVer(10,0,0) && DetectFlashVer(9,0,159))) document.writeln(objtag); else document.writeln(playerupgrade); UNIFIVE GOD PHOENIX 合金火の鳥版 Art Storm God Phoenix Gatchaman II objtag=”http://“;if (DetectFlashVer(10,0,22) || (!DetectFlashVer(10,0,0) && DetectFlashVer(9,0,159))) document.writeln(objtag); else … Continua a leggere

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>PHOTO UPDATE : Project BM! Soul of Popynica Shotaro Kaneda’s Bike from "Akira"

>for item descriptions go to my previous post, please. ^^this link.

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